Monday, October 26, 2009

First Day of Quilt Market

I had the booths that I wanted to visit all marked on my map. I had each booth highlighted and names beside them. Since we would only be at the market one day, we had to make the most of it. Everything was going fine until I came to my most favorite booth ever.

Michelle and Me

Michelle and Lori from “Dusty’s Vintage Linen and Buttons” are so much fun, and I spent entirely too much time in their booth. On the other side of the red buttons were turquoise and pink.

Fun Finds at Market

Here’s the buttons that I had to have, along with some trims that I found at another booth, and fabric from our Quilt Shop Tour.

Leisure Arts Ladies

Then I dropped by and visited with some more of my favorite people: Pam, Cheryl, and Susan from Leisure Arts. Their booth was very nice, and they were getting ready to do a book signing. I left there still trying to stay focused on visiting my highlighted booths.

Moda Booth

Then, we found this photo-op, and we couldn’t resist. Moda always does such a neat job with their booths.

Holly and Sandy

Next, we stumbled on to more friends from the Salt Lake City area. Holly and Sandy have a quilt shop in Jordan, Utah. I loved the paper dolls. They brought back memories of playing with paper dolls as a kid. Did any of you ever play with the paper dolls in the back of McCall’s magazine?

Drew and Me Houston

I was still trying to stay focused, and look who we ran into. It’s the Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky. He was so kind to pose with me and allow me to blog about him. Has everyone seen his new books, published by Leisure Arts?

Mary Jane Butters and Me

Still on a mission to stay on track, I ran into another one of my favorite celebrities: Mary Jane Butters. She’s the Martha Stewart of everything "farm girl". She even has a monthly magazine Mary Jane’s Farm. I introduced myself to her and within five minutes, we were digging in my bag looking at my buttons from “Dusty’s Vintage Linen and Buttons”. Of course we also talked about crochet. I sent her over to Michelle’s booth and walked away. I told my sister and Steph that I had just met Mary Jane, and they asked if I got my picture with her and I said, NO, but I knew where I could find her. As you can see I did meet back up with her, and she was so gracious and posed for a picture with me. Mary Jane also has a fabric line with Andover Fabrics.

I got a little off track there and decided to try and catch up with where I needed to be next. I think I visited almost all the booths that I planned on visiting and some extra and all in all it was a great day of catching up with old and new friends.

Me Leaving the Convention Center

Our last stop was at the Simplicity Creative Groups booth, and I can’t wait to tell you all about what’s in the sacks. Stay tuned……