Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joshua’s Surprise 18th Birthday Party

Surprised Joshua

Since Joshua was sick on his birthday, we decided to have a little surprise party for him on Sunday. I called one of his friends and got the phone numbers for some of his other friends, and my husband called all of them to arrange for them to come over on Sunday around 2:00. My husband thinks he’s so sneaky when he’s planning surprises. He wrote a large note and put it on the fridge saying, “Don’t plan on doing anything on Sunday afternoon.” Joshua is pretty perceptive and had an idea that something was going to happen, but he didn’t know quite what.

Joshua and Friends

Anyway, five of his friends arrived at the same time and two more arrived later.

Joshuas Cake

They stayed for a couple of hours, and we had cake and ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to him.


My mom and dad decided to come and join in the festivities, and I think they regretted it later, what with eight teenagers in the same house. Ha! Ha! I captured this cute little picture of Joshua and his grandma. She told the kids that he was one of her favorite grandsons. But since she is such a good grandma, she said she couldn’t play favorites because she has seven grandsons. I love this picture of my mother and Joshua.