Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turning 18

One Year Old

How did this happen? Joshua went from this one year old to first grade in just a flash.

First day of First Grade

Then, almost like overnight, he turned into this handsome young man of 18.

18 Year Old

Joshua turned 18 on October 13th, and he was sick the whole day. He could hardly get out of bed to eat. I felt so bad for him. I had taken a few days off after being at the Quilt Market and was able to nurse him back to good health. I remembered all the times when he was sick when he was just a baby and how my daughter and I would take turns rocking him and as soon as he found that he had a voice, he learned to hum himself to sleep. He listens to music to wake, while he’s reading, when he does homework, when he showers, and when he falls asleep. He breathes music. On his 18th birthday, he didn’t even listen to music. That’s how I knew he didn’t feel well since he doesn’t complain about what hurts him. Anyway, he’s feeling better with my nursing, some antibiotics, and Mucinex. We didn’t get to celebrate his birthday on Tuesday, but we’re planning a surprise party for him on Sunday, and it should be lots of fun.

Happy Belated Birthday, My Joshua!