Monday, October 12, 2009

Update on Susan the Die Hard Knitter

Susan Crocheting

I visited the yarn shop last weekend and found that my friend Susan (who you might remember from an earlier blog) has started running the LYS on Saturday evening so the owner (Shelly) can go home and be with her family. Isn’t that so nice of Susan?

Anyway I was relaxing and visiting with some of my friends, and Susan had a break and decided to sit down and get some pointers from me on crochet while I was there. Since Susan was born in England, she learned to crochet with British terms. She wanted to know the names of the stitches as she was crocheting. I was glad to visit with her and explain the stitches to her. She was moving right along, and I went to talk to someone else. When I came back, she stopped and was looking at her scarf, and it was coming out smaller on one side. I told her she hadn’t finished out her rows, and I told her that she should rip it out.

Susan Ripping Out

She gladly showed me how she knew how to do that and started over again. Her goal is to practice enough to be able to make the cow purse that I showed in my earlier blog on “Another Saturday at Tamara’s”. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to now. I’ll keep you posted.