Monday, October 19, 2009

Susan Bates or Boye?

I was wondering how many people prefer one brand of crochet hooks over the other? I was a Boye lover until I decided one day to use a Susan Bates hook on some yarn that seemed a little sticky and wanted to get hung up on my Boye hook. Well, now I’m confused and a little excited. The Susan Bates hook worked perfectly with that yarn. I talked to my friend Rosina, and she said that she prefers the Boye hooks, but also finds herself picking up a Susan Bates hook to use on certain yarns, and they have worked for her, too. (Rosina did warn me that certain hooks have a little bit different sizing to them, so if you start out on a project with a Susan Bates hook or a Boye hook, you should end with whichever one you started out with.) I have another friend that has gotten rid of all of her Boye hooks and prefers Susan Bates only now.

Susan Bates Hooks

I know you probably think I went overboard on the Susan Bates hooks, but Hobby Lobby had all their crochet and knitting accessories for 40% off this week, and I couldn’t resist picking up one in each size. Because you never know when another sticky and separating yarn will come along, and I think I’m going to have make another hook case just for the Susan Bates Hooks. What do you think? Please tell me what your preferences are and why.