Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wool Sweaters

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I’m thinking about sweaters and layers. I have to layer here in Wichita because it’s very cool in the mornings and by afternoon it’s quite warm. Anyway, I love to pick up sweaters at the second hand stores, and I especially like the wool ones. Since we don’t have really harsh of winters here (cross my fingers!), we don’t seem to have a lot of wool sweaters in the second hand stores or maybe Cass Carson has bought them all for her bags? Ha! Ha! Anyway when I find a wool sweater, I snatch it up. I found this one:

Wool Inserts

I noticed that while I was carrying it in the store, someone was following me. I looked up, and there was a lady standing there who asked me if I was going to buy the sweater, and I told her “yes” (that would be why I’m carrying it around the store with me, duh!). Then, she asked what I was going to do with it, and I told her I didn’t know for sure, but whatever it was, it was going to be cool. So far, I have used it for the inserts in the Free Pattern Friday Stitcher’s Companions and this:

Sweater Sleeve

Can you guess what this is?

Double Ended Hook Case

It’s a case for my crochet on the double hooks. These are so cool, but they needed a place to stay, so I cut the sleeve off of the sweater, seamed the end up, and put a tie at the top (or cuff) of the sweater sleeve. I love the colors of the sweater, and I love my little case.