Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crochet Thread Pieces that I Gave to My Mom!

Mom's Tablecloth

Before I had to work outside my home, I crocheted gifts for many people. I made two of my sister-in-laws a tablecloth each, my sister and my mother got three tablecloths each. That's one of Mom's tablecloths in the photo above. Check out the other two below:

Mom's Tablecloth 2

Mom's Tablecloth Edging

Mom's Tablecloth1

I was at Mom's house on Mother’s Day and decided to take some pictures of the pieces that I had made. (Pictured below is the curtain I made for her back door.) I still can’t believe I have made all of these things. As I was looking around my mother’s home, I finally got the whole picture. I now know definitely where my love for crochet and all things lovely came from, my mom.

Mom's Back Door Curtains

Please tell me about the special pieces that you have crocheted for others.