Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trunk Yarn Charity Work

Trunk Yarn

Our LYS owner gave our guild some yarn for our charity projects last year. I couldn’t keep the yarn at my house, so I threw it in the trunk of my car. All this yarn started out in two very large zipper baggies, and, now, I have condensed it down to a suitcase and one big zipper bag.

Every time we meet for our Charity workshop, I take out the yarn, and we use from it for our charity items. And when our members forgot yarn at our regular meetings, I go to the trunk and pull out the yarn.

Wendy suggested that we call this stash our “Trunk Yarn”, so that’s how it was named. Now, when members forget their yarn, they ask if we still have our “Trunk Yarn”, and, of course, it’s always in my trunk for just that occasion.