Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crocheters Unite!

Welcome to May! Hope you enjoyed National Crochet Month in March. I know I did. Isn't it great that crochet is finally being recognized as a true art! (Something I have known for quite some time now.) In fact, I celebrate crochet all year 'round!

 Flower Garden Doily

I think this Flower Garden Doily is a perfect example of the art of crochet. I made it about 8 years ago. I have been truly blessed with inheriting my Grandmothers' and Aunts' crochet doily, tablecloth, potholder, and baby clothes pattern books. I have one book that has flower doilies in it, and I had looked at it many times over the years, but I just couldn't convince myself that I could actually make one of the doilies pictured on the cover. The only thing that could get me to crochet this doily was for my sister to ask me if I had ever tried to make it. I was off and running.

Vintage Pattern Books

I'm sure there are a lot of people that know how difficult the old patterns used to be. But let me tell you this was one hard pattern. The flower petals in the middle daisies are all individual petals and each flower is made separately. This pattern book was written way back in the old days when the people who wrote the patterns expected everyone to know a lot more than we know today. The forget-me-nots, pansies, daisies, and leaves had to be connected in just a certain way in order for the doily to come out round. What a challenge. Thank goodness there was a very good picture of the doily on the front cover of the pattern book because the instructions just said to place the flowers so they created a circle. Patterns and instructions have come a long way. Now, we have charts, symbols, and wonderful pictures to follow.

 Crochet Pattern Books and Magazines

I love the old crochet pattern books, but I really love the new updated magazines and books that are being published now. It is all so exciting to be a part of this old and new revolution in crochet. To that end, I'd like to encourage crocheters to unite! We don't have to hide in our closets or homes when we crochet. Let's get out there and join in the crochet in public outings, join in with a group or guild, and get to crocheting! Crocheting isn't just for old ladies, and I never believed it was. Donate your time to teaching children or anyone else who wants to learn.