Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recycling with Crochet

I can go nuts at the local thrift stores. I do drive-bys every day on my way to work. I look in the windows and make the people in back of me honk. (It's funny, as if I can actually see something from the outside.) I am a maniac when it comes to making something out of nothing. Anything and everything I see, I want to make into something that it isn't actually supposed to be.

When my husband asks me what I have in the sacks as he helps me carry them in, I just tell him to take the bags to the laundry room, and if the contents make it out of the washing machine, they will have a purpose. I may not know yet what that purpose will be, but they will end up on my design board as soon as I get an inspiration.

I bought all of the "hoochie mama" skirts and tired sweaters that one of the thrift stores had, and when I went back there, they had more, so, of course, I had to buy more. I let those sweaters and skirts hang in my living room or wherever I might be just so I could be inspired by them until each piece became part of another as my thoughts ran wild. I ended up repurposing my purchases into purses and restyled clothing.

Purse 1

Purse 2

I have been known to buy purses that are dirty and torn just for the hardware. I cut the handles, zippers, pockets, etc. off of the purse and reuse them on my skirt purses. I also like to add a little crocheted edging just for fun.

 Baby Doll Top

Some of the longer skirts that have elastic at the waist make me think of a baby doll top. So I made a baby doll top with added crochet (of course).

 Sweater with crocheted edging

Don't get me started on the repurposed sweaters either. Gosh I am crazy about the sweaters that I find at the thrift store, too. I buy the sweaters and cut the bands off of the bottom (I don't think those flatter anyone) and then add crochet trim directly onto the bottom and sleeves with different colors.

Crochet Pockets

 Ruched trim

I also have added pockets made from the sleeves of other sweaters to a sweater or added some ruched fabric with crochet trim.

I'm sure you all have a husband or friend that also wonders what you are up to? Share! When I told my friends about what I'd found on my treasure hunts, they all wanted to join me the next time I went, so I invited one of them to go one day. We had a great time, but I finally had to get a cart because my arms were breaking, and I still needed to pick up a large fish bowl. When my friend turned around and saw that I had a fish bowl, she asked, "Do you have a fish?" I said, "No. What I have is yarn that needs a home." I told her that I was going to put skeins of yarn in it and put it on my table so I could be inspired by all of the beautiful colors. I know she thinks I'm nuts, but she still loves me anyway. She calls me her "Bohemian Friend."

I think the hunt is just as much fun as the find. Does anyone else like to recycle as much as I do? Drop me a line and share your recycling experiences.