Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twist the Yarn Shop Windows

Last year when I found out that March was National Crochet Month, I asked my local yarn shop owner Shelly if our guild could display our crochet projects in the windows of her store. Since she welcomes everyone's ideas, she immediately said, "Yes, of course." Well, this year was no exception, and I asked again, and her answer was the same. So I right away thought of Stephanie (she designed the windows last year), and she graciously agreed, and Wendy agreed to decorate the windows, too.



As I was thinking about displaying crochet in the windows, I wondered how many of the other shops in neighboring towns were going to celebrate crochet in the month of March. So I emailed five shops. I received two responses back. One of the shops had open crocheting and light refreshments on Monday, March 23rd. Then another neighboring town emailed me back and said that they did not plan on doing anything because of lack of interest in crochet, but they responded favorably to crochet and said that they would keep trying to "hook" more people. I think we are very fortunate to have such an open arms welcoming person like Shelly in our hometown. She even has a sign on her door that says, "Crocheters Welcome Here!" We all love her and appreciate everything that she does for the people who visit her store.


Anyway, Stephanie came up with a very interesting window theme with crocheted flowers made out of doilies, and we made a collage of crocheted pieces that our guild members crocheted for our January and February programs. Then, she let me display a few of my recycled sweaters and skirt pillows. What a fun time we had pulling it all together.

Twist Windows1

Twist Windows2

Twist Windows3

Twist Windows4

Twist Windows5

Tell me something interesting about your local yarn shops or places that you meet up.