Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yarn Shop Road Trip

Looking for a fun thing to do? Grab a few friends and go to a neighboring town that has a yarn shop. Get to know your neighbors. Since one of my responsibilities of holding the office of President of KS My Stitch is to organize outside activities. I thought it would be a good idea to plan a little field trip. But first I had to scope it out. So I asked one of my friends who happens to be member of the guild (Sheri) to go along. My sister (she’s also a member) heard that we were going, and she asked if she could go, too. Being a good big sister, I said sure.

For our first stop, Sheri mentioned that she needed to go to the Quilt Shop in town and pick up some door prizes for the Prairie Quilt Guild meeting (she is on the hospitality committee for the quilt guild). Of course, that is just right up my sister's alley since she loves to sew, and Sheri does, too.

(I used to love to sew, until I started crocheting again and came to the conclusion that I LOVE TO CROCHET. I don’t need a machine, just a hook, pattern (or thought), yarn, scissors, and occasionally a yarn needle. Don’t get me wrong; I like to sew, too, but only when it calls for it in my designs or when I need to mend something.)

Anyway, we spent a long time in the quilt shop, and by the time we got ready to leave, it was time for lunch. I always like to ask the local people where they like to eat and this was no exception. I asked one of the ladies at the quilt shop, and she pointed me to the little cafe on the corner across the street. What a great choice.

yarn storefront

We had a wonderful lunch and headed for one of two yarn stores in the town. We were greeted warmly. Sheri and Jackie headed directly to the coffee bar, since it was the coldest day of the year. I headed for the ladies at the table to ask what they were making and to find the owner of the shop. I introduced myself to the owner and told her that I was planning a field trip to their town and planned on bringing the guild members to the yarn shops. I asked if she had anything planned for crocheters during March National Crochet Month, and she said they were offering was an embellishing with crochet class. All of the staff and people in the shop were very nice and friendly and KS My Stitch will be visiting them soon.

Necessities Storefront


We never made it to the other yarn shop because we were sidetracked by a little antique store called Necessities. What a fun place to go. I found all kinds of neat crochet things. Look at the cute little crochet shoe pincushions and all the crochet trims and goodies underneath them.


We had a great time, and I will let you know how our field trip turns out with the other guild members in April. Let me know about your adventures to neighboring towns.