Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bowls & Iced Tea Jackets

Bowls from Retreat Planning Trip

When I brought my bowls home from my trip a couple of weekends ago, I noticed that I would have to clean out my pie safe in order to fit everything in. I had to get rid of some junk that accumulated in there.

Aren’t the checked towels so cute? I found those at Kmart, and they’re from Martha Stewart’s collection. When I bought them, I thought they needed to have embroidery on them, but now, I’m thinking that they need a little crochet on the edge to go along with that rick rack. What do you think?

Pottery Mug Collection

When I was cleaning the pie safe out, I found the pottery mugs that my sister-in-law started collecting for me. I decided that the mugs needed to go in my kitchen, so they could get used instead of just collecting dust. Then, I was off in another direction. I had to get the kitchen cabinets cleaned out, so that I could put the new iced tea glasses in there, and I decided that I needed to line the shelves with some of my dresser scarves, and those needed to be ironed. So I was off running in another direction.

Iced Tea Glasses with their Jackets

Here are my iced tea jackets on my new glasses. And guess what? My husband already broke one of my glasses, so here we go again. It is such a good feeling to finally take the time to clean out and purge some things, and next is my sewing/ironing/craft room.