Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shopping/Rainy Day

Shopping Rainy Day Haul

Some of my best-laid plans change from minute to minute. I made plans with Rosina to go hunt for iced tea glasses to go with those Iced Tea Jackets that I made. We had our day all mapped out. We would go check out the Farmer’s Market, get some fresh veggies, and then go walk around the lake at the park. After we walked, and only then, could we go shopping for the glasses.

Well, we woke up to rain, so the Farmer’s Market and the walk were out. But that didn’t stop me from asking Rosina if she still wanted to go shopping, have lunch, and then go to our Guild’s Charity Workshop. Of course, like any good friend, she said “yes”.

It was a very good day spending time with my friend shopping and just hanging out. We found some neat things. I found my iced tea glasses, cool hangers in my favorite colors, a drawer organizer for my bathroom, tea towels that I’m going to poke-a-hole in and crochet on, plus a few things for my secret pal. Rosina found a four-slice toaster that she had needed and some yarn for a teddy bear.

Tell me about the fun things that you do with your friends on a rainy day.