Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Lovely Lampshade

Free Crochet Pattern Lovely Lampshade 800937

Happy Friday!

When I first saw this Free Pattern Friday Lovely Lampshade pattern, I thought about using it to cover the lampshade in my living room. I started making it with the thread that the pattern called for, but it was going to take a lot more thread than I had. So I got to thinking about my recent purchase of this new yarn called “Country”.

Skein of Yarn

I decided that I had enough of this yarn to make the lampshade, and it would be faster. (The funny thing about it is, now the lampshade that it actually fits is the one in the basement.) The yarn is a blend of merino wool and microdenier acrylic (whatever that is?) with a twelve-ply cable, size 4. It’s so soft, and I like the way it drapes.


This is my version of the Lovely Lampshade pattern.

Lampshade on Lamp

Mine is very 70s inspired since I am just an old hippie at heart. Have fun with it and hope to see some of your lampshades soon.