Friday, July 3, 2009

Free Pattern Friday--Red Hot Dishtowels

Free Red Hot Dishtowels crochet pattern

Happy Free Pattern Friday! And Happy Day Before The 4th of July!

When Rosina and I were out shopping the other day, I found some colorful tea towels that looked like they needed some crocheted edging on them, so I picked this Red Hot Dishtowels free crochet pattern for this week's Free Pattern Friday.

My Version Red Hot Dishtowels crochet pattern

Of course, my towels had to be a different color than red, and I had to use a different color on each row, and I had to poke-a-hole-in-it instead of sewing it on afterwards.

You can use these edgings on the bottom of a sweater, hand towel, bath towel, or blanket edge. I thought maybe you all would like to crochet some edging, too. Can you think of anything else to edge?

Have a great holiday weekend and tell me about what you will use your edgings on.

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