Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charity Workshop

This summer, we were set to teach some of the young adults at the Wichita Children’s Home to crochet. But the last few times we have gone, they were out doing their own thing, and there was no one to teach. So we have come up with another plan for charity. We will still be doing charity crocheting on the Saturday after the guild meeting, but we will be making some things that are needed for the home--like all sizes of afghans, baby booties, toys, and stuffed animals (with embroidered facial features not buttons).

Rosina making flowers for baby afghan

Rosina decided to add some flowers and leaves to the baby afghan she found on one of our treasure hunts. It is going to be really pretty.

Kelly making a dishcloth

Kelly has decided to make a dishcloth for the young adults who are learning the skills to make it on their own.

Pam making a granny square afghan

Pam decided to use some of her scrap yarn on this granny square afghan. The size will be determined by how much yarn she is willing to use from her stash.

Slipper Start

I chose to use some of the Lion Suede and make these cute vintage slippers from the vintage book that my sister found for me on one of her treasure hunts. I think the suede will be perfect for the slippers as the yarn is a little sticky and maybe won’t be so slick on the bottom. If it still seems to be slick when I'm finished, I will add some soles to them. I remember when I loved to slide in my slippers across the kitchen floor at home. But now that I’m older, I really like the ones with the sticky skid proof bottoms on them.

Thank you to Rosina, Kelly, and Pam for helping out with the charity workshops. I know all of you enjoy working hard for the Children’s Home.

Tell me about some of the charity projects that you are working on.