Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Pastel Palette Baby Afghan

#800912 Pastel Palette Free Crochet Baby Afghan pattern

Happy Friday Crochet Fans!

When I started trying to pick this week's free crochet pattern, I found this Pastel Palette Baby Afghan design. It looked like a lot of fun, plus I had some colors that I thought would look pretty together.

The pattern is made by crocheting the length of the afghan instead of the width; I don’t believe I have ever made one like this before. This could be one of those projects that you could take with you on a long car trip. I would even consider making it in variegated yarn so that you wouldn’t have to change colors every two rows.

Pastel Palette Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

But I must like to change colors and weave in ends because these are the colors that I chose to make mine out of. I love the way the colors look and the way part of the stitch hangs down on the previous row.

I know I’m crazy, but have fun with this pattern. Hope to see your afghans soon.