Monday, July 6, 2009

Laptop Computer Case

I was probably almost the only person on the planet that didn’t have a computer. My husband had a computer way before I even knew how to use one. My son even had one, and I told them that I never wanted a computer of my own because I have to be in front of one all day, so why would I want one at home. Then, I started helping my sister with her patterns and decided to write a few of my own, so then I started using my husband’s computer in the basement. Then, my son decided I needed to have an email account other than my work email. So he set it up, and of course, it had to be something about crochet. Then, I started updating the blog for the KS My Stitch meetings with all the show and share pictures. So every time I would need to write, I would take my things to the basement. Then, when Leisure Arts asked me to be their blogger, I continued to write them in the basement. The weekend before Crochet Soiree launched, my husband’s computer died. With approval from my boss, I continued to write the blog entries on the weekends from my computer at work. Then on Memorial weekend, my husband surprised me with this: (Isn’t he sweet?)

My New Laptop Computer

I think I’m in love with a computer. I get to carry it around the house with me. And guess what it needs? It needs a crocheted case. Of course, I started out making the case pictured below for my computer case, but I got so involved with the tapestry crochet that I forgot to measure it on my computer until it was too late, so guess what? My son's DVD player needs a case, and it fits perfectly in it.

Dog in sweater

I have started a new design for my computer case, and here is just a sneak peek of what it’s going to consist of:

Dog in sweater