Saturday, December 12, 2009

56 Granny Squares

Granny Squares Stacked

Have you ever wondered what 56 granny squares look like all stacked up? Well, this is what they look like. I tried laying them flat, and it doesn’t look like very many, but when you stack them up, it looks like I really accomplished something. I am now done with all of the granny squares for the swap that I have been in since September. I had a lot of fun participating in the swap and seeing all the different granny squares that everyone made for me. It was a little challenge for me right at first because I had to think outside of my box of colors, and it was fun seeing all the colors forming the squares.

Here’s a picture of the ends of 56 granny squares. I love to look at yarn through glass and see all the layers of color.

Granny Square Ends

Now it’s on to the other WIP projects. I think I’ll get back to my Christmas Tree skirt, or the baby afghan for grandson #3, or the Kids Cover-Up for grandson #2, or start a new project for the newest grandbaby born last week--grandson #4 who’s named after my husband.

Tell me about something you just finished or about what you’re working on.