Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crochet Circle Purse

Circle Purse

When my sister and I traveled to Salt Lake City for the International Quilt Show in Spring 2007, we decided that we wanted to do a Take and Teach. We wanted to show the quilters how to incorporate crochet in their quilts. So we had to come up with something that would be easy for beginners to do, and we came up with some cute and fun projects for us to show. I crocheted a bunch of circles from DMC Senso size 3 thread, and I sewed some together to make a scarf. My sister sewed some on fabric and made a cute baby quilt. She also sewed them on another piece of fabric and made a pillow out of the circles.

Since I love to make purses I thought it would be neat if I sewed the circles together and made a rectangular purse out of them. I sewed the circles to the wrong side of a piece of fabric so that they would stand out. Then I lined the bag and placed some stiff interfacing in between the layers to make it stand up. I also made a drawstring insert at the top so things didn’t fly out when you have your purse next to you on your car seat. (Has this ever happened to you?) Ha! Ha! I topped it off with some wooden handles.

All the circle projects were a hit, and we had so much fun teaching the ladies to make them. Some of the ladies had not crocheted for many years and enjoyed just hanging out and commented that they really wanted to spend the rest of the day with us in such a relaxing atmosphere.

Crocheting is relaxing to me, and I know it relaxes a lot of you, too. Happy relaxing crochet to you this week.