Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Merry Door Mates Crochet Patterns

Door Mates Free Pattern

Santa Door Mate Free Pattern

I’ve got two patterns for you this week, a rug and a doorhanger. Since it is December, I thought I’d better get into the Christmas spirit, so I decided to try my hand at this cute Santa crochet pattern. I know it says to use fabric strips for the whole thing, but you know me, I had to try something different. I chose to use some medium worsted weight yarn that was left over from my granny square swap for his face, hat, nose, and pompom. Then I decided to use different colors of strips of fabric for his beard instead of plain muslin. It reminds me of a scrappy quilt.

This was a fun and easy project especially if you ask your husband to help you cut the strips while you tie them on to Santa’s face. (Well he was watching me cut the strips and was not doing anything else, so I asked him if he wanted to help, and being the thoughtful, kind husband that he is, he agreed.) Ha! Ha!

My Version of Santa

I think Santa looks cute on my purple front door. What do you think?