Friday, December 11, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Mary Engelbreit Teapot Pincushion Crochet Pattern

Mary Engelbreit Teapot Pincushion

I think I have mentioned that I am a very big fan of Mary Engelbreit. I chose this crochet pattern today because I love all of Mary’s things and because I love pincushions and flowers. This cute teapot was very fun to make. Can you believe that I actually used the thread that the pattern called for? I just had to use my own colors, and I wanted to share a few tricks that I used to stuff my teapot with.

Body of Teapot

I used part of an old pink sweater sleeve and made a tube the same size as the body of the teapot. Then I stuffed the sweater piece with polyfill. I used the sleeve so the stuffing wouldn’t show through the crochet.

Spout of Teapot

I used another piece of the old pink sweater and made a smaller tube and stuffed it into the spout along with some yarn ends that I had been saving for a special occasion. For the handle I just rolled up some of the old pink sweater and folded the handle over the top of it and sewed the handle together.


I like how my teapot turned out and couldn’t resist sticking my little flower pins in the top. I hope you have as much fun making this teapot as I did.