Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year, my mom decided to have Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thursday. So I got to spend Thanksgiving Day alone at my house with my little family. We had a very non-traditional lunch with Chicken Tortilla soup and spaghetti and ate those leftovers for dinner also. My Megan got to come to my house, too, as Jennifer usually has to work and her dad takes her for the weekend.

Megan and Joshua

Joshua decided to be a kind teenager and play a board game with Megan, and they had fun. It was great watching them play together as Megan is growing older.

Jennifer Crocheting my Afghan

Jennifer came over without anything to crochet, so I gave her the Kid’s Cover-up afghan that I’ve been working on to crochet on. She got 16 rows done for me. and it’s looking really good.

Four Generations

Since Megan was able to be with us for Thanksgiving this year, I decided it was about time to get the four generation picture that has never been taken. When my mom says that we’ll be eating around noon, you really need to be at her house by 11:00 because she may decide that she wants to eat anywhere between 11:00 and noon. This year was no exception; we started at 11:40. There were approximately 35 or 40 people there and food for 50.

I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the mashed potato pan. Oh my gosh, my mom makes the best mashed potatoes of anyone I know. Of course, I think all of her food is the best, and she just says that “it’s just because I didn’t have to make it myself” and maybe she’s right. She had a hard time this year with mashing the potatoes, for some reason her potato masher was not working, and my sister and brother were trying to help her and tried different things. She finally got the electric mixer out, but my brother didn’t like that method because he says that “if there aren’t chunks in the potatoes then they aren’t real mashed potatoes.” I have always thought the same thing as my mom never used an electric mixer to mash her potatoes. The potatoes were great by the way.

Everything turned out very well and my mom put my dad down for a nap before lunch, and she got to enjoy her food along with everyone else. She also mentioned that she had invited a friend of the family to join us but the friend had to turn her down as she wasn’t feeling well and besides that she was concerned about adding one more person to the lunch. My mom commented and said that she had told the friend, "What are you talking about? The more the merrier!” I laughed inside and thought about what I told you earlier about what she says about extra people coming to dinner.

Sarah and Jessica

This is Sarah, her sister-in-law Jessica, and baby William (one of my great nephews and one of their cousins). I asked Sarah if she continued with crocheting from last year, and she said she did right at first and had made a hat, but she ran out of yarn and hadn’t picked it up for a long time. She tried again sometime later and had forgotten, so I told her that there are lots of on-line videos that she could watch if she needed to until we could get together again, and I could go over it with her. I didn’t have a chance to ask my other niece Jessica if she continued.

My Youngest Nephew Keegan and Me

I have to mention my nephew Keegan. He’s 6 months younger than Joshua, and it's always been a tradition on Thanksgiving for Keegan to stay all night with us, and this year was no exception. I couldn’t believe how tall he had gotten since the last time I saw him. He mentioned also that he can bench press 300 lbs. I bet he is a great asset to his football team, too. What do you think?

Jennifer Crocheting at Moms

My daughter usually doesn’t go anywhere without her crochet, and she seems to be able to crochet anywhere, even when this much commotion going on. I took my crochet bag but didn’t ever take it out. I just enjoyed sitting and watching the babies and children for a while with nothing to do and, of course, I love watching Jennifer crochet.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I stayed to help Mom with the cleanup and NO, she doesn’t have a dishwasher, but all I left her with was the potato pan soaking. Ha! Ha!