Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Break from Crochet

All My Goodies

Rosina and I decided to take another break from our crochet projects. We started out stopping at my favorite place--Value Center. I started out picking up a few things, and then I found this wonderful big bag…

Big Bag

…so I could continue shopping. I found a manufactured crochet bag to embellish, a poncho that will look cool with crochet edging, and…

Velvety Things Hat

…this hat with some really neat velvety leaves, squiggly things, and grapelike objects. Then I found the green metal box, and…

Green Sweater Spindely Flowers

…a green infant sweater that’s screaming for some crochet embellishments and a mended ribbon. And can we talk about the spindley flowers? They are the coolest things. They’re made out of rolled fabric to make the cutest little flower buds, and they’re attached to spindley wires that have been wrapped with brown sticky paper stuff.

Rosina and I both kept mentioning that we really needed to be working on our crochet projects, but we couldn’t keep ourselves from stopping at another shop that’s run by one of the churches here in Wichita. This store is one where you sometimes have to dig for things and look under things. Which I think is lots of fun because you just never know when there will be a treasure under there.

Pin Set

Well, we were digging in bins when I ran across a wood spool, wooden bobbins, the cool greenish aqua colored plastic thing that I still don’t know what it’s for but I like the color (Susan Bates is written on it), and a Singer ruffler (and no I don’t own a Singer sewing machine, but I now have a Singer ruffler with instructions). I found the black and white pin with clip-on earrings set under the glass at the register, along with the green flower pin, and then I found a crochet tie-dyed jacket for my Megan in the front window.

Wire Clothespin Hanger

I couldn’t believe when I found the wire clothespin basket that I was talking to you about in an earlier blog about clotheslines. I found my very own wire complete with the bag hanging on it and some more clothespins. I also bought a vintage tablecloth that has seen better days. I plan on using it to make a new bag for my clothespin bag. I’ll use the bag that was hanging on the wire as a pattern and cut around the holes that are in the tablecloth. I’ll be sure and post it when I get around to doing that project.


I think I remember seeing advertisement for this little gadget many years ago, but I always wondered why I would need this tool when I can sew on buttons. Well, now I have a Buttoneer that is the prettiest aqua, and maybe, I can get that button put back on my husband’s pants with just a click of this magic tool and a piece of plastic.

Rosina found a really pretty blue wool jacket and intends on felting it and making something really neat from it. She tried her hand at Tunisian crochet and made a really cute felted bag, and then she crocheted another one, and now she can’t seem to stop making really big wool things, only to wash them in hot water and shrink them down. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with after felting her wool jacket.

Tell me about what you like to do when you hang out with your friends.