Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lunch and Crochet with a Friend

I never get to actually sit and work on my projects with anyone. I’m always working, crocheting for charity, having meetings for the KS My Stitch guild, or going on treasure hunts. I got to thinking last Saturday that I would just like to have lunch and sit and crochet with a friend. So I called Rosina and asked her if she would like to come over to my house. I offered fix lunch for us, and afterwards, we could just sit and crochet or work on whatever we might be working on. Since Rosina is such and good sport, she said, “Sure, it sounds like fun.”

I had lunch ready and after we ate and cleaned up the dishes, we sat down to work on our projects. Rosina was telling me what she brought to work on and said that she had found a couple of patterns on line that she thought would be fun to make and had brought a couple of skeins of yarn but forgot her hooks. She did have a scarf that she was knitting for her secret pal’s Christmas gift, so she set out to work on that. I was working on the free Friday pattern. She knitted on her scarf for awhile and decided that she wanted to try the crochet projects out that she had brought. She borrowed a hook from me and started out making a little Christmas tree. We talked about how hard it is for us to use large hooks as our hands are so short, and I told her about my new size M wooden hook.


I asked Rosina if she would like to try out my M hook to see how lightweight it is and if maybe it would work for her. I handed her the Kids Cover-Up Afghan and the wooden hook to experiment with, and she decided that maybe she could use a large hook after all. I thought…..hmmmmmm!! Maybe if I get each person that comes to my house to finish 16 rows on that afghan, maybe I could get it done, too. Ha! Ha! Anyway, we had a great time just visiting and crocheting and sometimes not saying anything at all, but just being together was a lot of fun.