Monday, August 24, 2009

August KS My Stitch Program

Wendy decided that our August program would be on edgings. Maybe learn how to poke-a-hole-in-it or just make some useful edgings to sew onto things as you want? Whatever the case may be, I usually try and do these ahead of time as I have a hard time concentrating on these types of things when there are a lot of activities going on, and since I am the President, I conduct the meetings, so I’m just a little busy. Anyway, I decided on two of the edgings, the first one I decided to poke-a-hole-in rick rack and crochet onto it. Then, I wanted to find either a tea towel or something to sew it on to. Well that led me into another direction again, what to sew it on? I thought about my Mexican linens and decided to choose one of them to sew it on. I think this will look really nice on this dresser scarf.

Mexican Linen and Crocheted Trim

You can’t see it in the picture but someone already poked-holes-in-it and crocheted around it.

Then, it was off to figure out what I wanted to put the other piece of crochet edging on. I was thinking about making a pillowcase and poking holes in the edge of it and crocheting the edging on it. Then that led me to my fabric stash. Well, I didn’t have quite enough of any one fabric to make a pillow, so I decided to make a scrappy-quilty piece and make a pillow out of it. Only thing, I messed up on one of the strips and had a little boo boo to cover up, so now the edging becomes an embellishment for my boo boo. It seems like I can cover a lot of things up with just a little crochet.

Antropology Pillow with Crocheted Embellishment

I really like the way the pillow turned out and it looks so “Anthropology”. Now it’s off to wrap my secret pal’s gift. Have a great week.