Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Sister's Quilt Guild Presentation

Jackie’s Presentation

My sister Jackie had the honor of doing a presentation at our local quilt guild meeting the other day. I made sure that I was able to attend and help her out a little with it. I knew there was a microphone for my sister to use on stage but wasn’t for sure if I would have one available to me down on the floor. I was surprised and excited when I found out that I would have a cordless microphone to use, too.

Apron that I wanted her to Wear

This is the apron that I wanted Jackie to wear, but do you think she would listen to her sister the crocheter? I just love how someone embellished dishcloths with crocheted motifs.

Jackie has many helpers, but there are two that are always there for her--Stephanie and Bev. They were right there helping her organize things, bundle gifts, set up everything, videotape, take pictures, and help to take everything down. My mom was also there, and she is always helping Jackie with packing patterns, sewing on buttons, embroidery work, or binding quilts.

I walked around and got to deliver prizes to people that had either come the farthest, had the youngest grandchild, or learned to sew at the youngest age. Then, I also got to hold up things as Jackie talked about her projects and do the "Vanna thing" while standing in front of the project. Actually, I felt like a combination between Vanna and Oprah. What a fun time I had! I think everyone else did, too. We made the people laugh.