Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KS My Stitch Second Annual Retreat

Jinna on Deck of Cabin

Jinna was so kind this year to let us hold our retreat at her cabin at Fall River Lake in Kansas. We had seven people travel there. Jinna and I had decided this year we would have some patterns and some ideas available to everyone if they wanted to do a project, or they could bring their own things to work on. Everyone started arriving around 10:00 am, that way we had a chance to visit before we ate lunch, which was my famous tacos, rice, and homemade salsa.

Jinna and Me

Everyone enjoyed their lunch and couldn’t wait to get started on their projects. I thought it would be neat to see what everyone brought because we all know that crocheters do not travel light. We carry a lot of bags. Ha! Ha! So here goes:

Susie and her Baskets

Susie carries baskets.

Jinna and her Project Tubs

Jinna carries plastic tubs.

Kelly and Her Bag

Kelly’s bag didn’t look like it could hold that many things, but I think she had four projects in there and also her project notebook.

Kay and Her Bags

Kay had the biggest bag I have ever seen, full of projects, plus she showed us a few things that she had already made.

Lee and Her Bag

Lee traveled the lightest.

Rosina and her Suitcase

Rosina had quite a few projects to work on, and I think she was the one that finished the most UFOs.

Me and my Bags wearing my crocheted socks

I had three UFOs in my bag and only worked on one the whole weekend, but it felt so good just to be able to sit and crochet and not worry about the phones, laundry, or anything.

Buddy our Mascot

Buddy is Jinna’s dog, and he was the cutest little dog I think I have ever seen. He hardly ever barked, and he didn’t get in the way like some dogs will. He was the perfect little dog for a retreat.

I recommend everyone get away as much as they can allow themselves. I think I can speak for all of us. We had a very good time and plan on doing it again real soon. Please let me know if any of your guilds do these kinds of things.