Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Granny Square Pillows

Free Crochet Pattern Granny Square Pillows 800757

When I saw this free crochet pattern for Granny Square Pillows, I thought of all the young people that I have taught to crochet. When I asked them what they wanted to start making, a lot of them said that all they wanted to do is make granny squares. They remembered seeing their grandmothers making them or having granny square afghan over a chair or couch.

Isn’t it funny that the simple granny square is still as much alive today as it was when someone first came up with the pattern? I still love to make granny squares and also remember my great great aunt making granny square afghans to sell at the craft shows that they held at the Masonic home where she lived. She would use all of her scrap pieces of yarn and my mom's for these afghans.

My version of Granny Square Pillow

Anyway I hope you enjoy making these pillows as much as I did. Check out my version above. I even got to use my cool turquoise point turner to turn the corner of the inside of the fabric pillow insert.

Dog in sweater