Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Day and Night in Buffalo

I think everyone knows that I went to Buffalo for the CGOA/KGOA Knit and Crochet Show. Here’s a little bit about what happened:

I arrived in Buffalo Thursday afternoon and was met at the airport by Debra Nettles and Susan Sullivan of Leisure Arts. First stop was Target as they both mentioned that they always have to stop at the nearest Target when they go to any of the shows for last minute things for the booth. They took me to eat at the Cheesecake Factory since I had never been before. The food was great and here’s the piece of cheesecake that I chose for Susan and I to share.


Oh my gosh, I think it was called Turtle Brownie Cheesecake. Yummy!!!! After our cheesecake, it was off to the hotel to unpack and prepare for Opening Night at the show. Remember I said that I always pick out all of my clothes ahead of time and know exactly what I’m going to wear? Well, the night before I left to go to Buffalo, my sister stopped by my house and brought me a poncho that I had made for her and she said that she thought I should just try it on and maybe consider wearing it, although it’s more a capelet on me. Well, I decided to wear it on opening night and got lots of compliments on it. Now, she can tell me that she told me so.

me by the Crochet Soiree Sign in my Capelet

I got to meet a lot of people. Some of them you may know, and some of them you may not. Here’s a few of the people that I was privileged to meet:

Melissa Leapman, Marty Miller and Drew

Melissa Leapman, Drew Emborsky, and Marty Miller

My new best friend Drew and me

Drew Emborsky

Mary Beth Temple

Susan Sullivan, Mary Beth Temple, & Mary Beth's daughter

Margaret Hubert and Me

Margaret Hubert

Rita Weiss and Jean Leinhauser

Rita Weiss and Jean Leinhauser: I loved their blingy pins that read: “OLD BROADS RULE!” They are such fun, generous, and beautiful ladies.

Elaine Brown

Crochet Cover for Elaine's Hat

Elaine Brown's hat just intrigued me, and she was gracious enough to let me take her picture and told me that I could use it on the blog. She made this crochet cover for her straw hat.

I had so much fun meeting all the people at the show and introducing them to the Crochet Soiree website. More tomorrow!