Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday in Buffalo and Friday Night in Niagara Falls

vendors at the show

While I was at the show, I was able to go around and look at all the cool yarn and gadgets.

Scarf From Buffalor

I decided since I was there, I might as well purchase some yarn. I had taken along some of my thread and rick rack to show people how to poke-a-hole-in-it, and I also took along a design project that I was working on before I left. But since I was there, and the yarn was there, I decided I needed something different. So I set out to find something different. And guess what? I found it. It was called Just Soya, it’s dk weight and so soft I couldn’t stand it not going back to the booth with me. And of course, when I got back to the booth, I had to start crocheting with it right away. I bought four different colors, green, blue, pink, and brown. I also purchased a pastel self-striping sock yarn. I didn’t really know what I was going to make, but started out doing doubles. Usually when I want to make something without a pattern, I’ll make a scarf. So that’s what I did. I just decided I would crochet until the first ball of yarn ended and then pick up the next ball of yarn and so on and so on. And that’s what I did.

The plans for the evening were to visit Niagara Falls (since it is only 20 miles from Buffalo), and we had it all figured out how we were going to make our get away. We took turns going to the hotel to change our clothes, and Susan would go and get the car at a certain time so we could leave right at the close of the show. We did just that, and I took my scarf along to work on, too. We arrived at the falls, and oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful and so unbelievably high.

me in front of the Falls

You can’t imagine how scared I was when Debra took my picture on the edge of the falls. Right behind the fence that’s holding me up is a drop off straight down to the bottom of the falls. Whew! What I do for a picture and the blog.

Blue Coats on Boat

We also got to ride the Maid of the Mist boat ride that takes you along the bottom of the falls on both the American side and Canadian side. Wow that was fun! You have to wear a blue raincoat that’s provided, or you will get wet.

After the boat ride, Debra and Susan planned to walk over the bridge and go into Canada. I didn’t have my passport, so I stayed in America. I didn’t mind at all because I had a plan to crochet some more on my scarf. Well I finished the second color and had started on the third color by the time they returned. I loved the sights and the sounds as I crocheted and listened to the French children playing hide and seek and speaking French along with all of the other different cultures that come together at the falls to see this amazing sight. It was a very good day. More to come!